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Freecodecamp Rebirth

In 2016, I attempted to go through the Freecodecamp curriculum. Unfortunately, it was not a very successful attempt as I stopped right after the first project. I guess the problem was a lack of motivation to learn Web Development in the first place. Long story short, I am now making a second attempt, and it is much more successful so far.


Let's clarify my motivation first and how it has changed. In 2016 I based my motivation on theoretic interest as I never considered switching to front end Web Development. It was a weak ground for such an ambitious endeavor. Freecodecamp has a broad curriculum, and I had a lot of urgent tasks in the ToDo list.

I don't plan to switch to the front end in 2020 as well, and I still consider learning Web Development more like fun and an auxiliary to my Python knowledge. The primary difference is I am going through the curriculum with my sister (Galya), who is learning Frontend with a practical goal of switching the career. It is a more serious intent than playing with a new programming language or a technology. She is much likely to stick with it than I was. In the meantime, I am much more motivated to finish the learning path to help her.

I found learning together very inspiring and motivational. You are much less likely to drop as there is a somewhat "public" commitment. It is hard always to be enthusiastic, and it is okay. A team compensates for each other temporal low points. It also helps to return to learning after a day or two of "taking a break" as you know someone is waiting for you.

Current Status

We have finished "Responsive Web Design Certification" and did all five projects. You can find them in my profile and Galya's profile at

It was not as easy as I expected (HTML and CSS, huh?), we struggled a bit with layouts and "flex" primarily. Still, we tried to push forward every day at least a bit.

We also posted our projects for review on the Freecodecamp forum. It was quite a thrilling experience as we both are quite newbies, so the projects were not exceptionally polished and sophisticated. Anyway, the feedback from the community was excellent, and I learned quite a lot from it. I recommend you do the same. If you think your work is not as good to show to people - overstep your emotions and post it anyway. Do not forget to thank me later ;)

Future Plans

We are now going through the "JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures" certification, and there is quite a lot to study and code there. Freecodecamp measures each Certification as required 300 hours to complete. There will also be five other projects at the end of the Certification - I will publish a status on completion.

Extra Resources

While going through the curriculum, I was also reading supplementary resources. Specifically:

JetBrains Academy is a great practical source, but it's Web Development track is still in Beta, and I found it a bit challenging for a complete newbie.

"JS for Kids" is much more accessible, though I am still in the beginning.


If you are interested in web development, I recommend going through the Freecodecamp curriculum as it is an excellent and newcomer-friendly resource. It is not an easy task, so don't give up on the first problem - google extra materials, watch relevant guides on YouTube, and ask for help on the forums. I would also recommend finding a studying group as, at least in my experience, you are much likely to achieve the goal with a supportive team alongside.


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