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Taskbuster Tutorial

From time to time I check out my ToRead folder (believe me it is infinite), and guess what I found there a week ago - BEST DJANGO TUTORIAL I EVER READ! Just go ahead and look at this beauty: Taskbuster Django Tutorial by Marina Mele. Table of content is available inside the Read more.... So why am I so excited about it? Because Marina used a rare way to approach tutorial creation. She did not start with no one used in real world practises like many authors do, but goes straight to the best Django development patterns. She even wrote about environment variables!


Especially Interesting Topics

Just few topics I want to especially mention:

To be continued...

So the tutorial is not finished yet. And maybe it will not be finished, but it is already an excellent source of knowledge for any Junior (Middle?) Django developer and I really encourage you to check it out if you interesting in the Wev Development, Python and Django of course.

Should I start my Django/Python way there?

No, perhaps no. DjangoGirls tutorial is more suitable for complete beginners. Taskbuster is a good next step, when you already know some basics.

I know a better tutorial

Please go ahead and share it in the comments section below!


I want to switch the blog language from Russian to English and this article will be the first English one here. Though I'm not an English native speaker so I bet there're a lot (A LOT) of errors/typos and so on. I beg your pardon! I do my best to improve my English knowledge and practise makes perfect. I would definitely appreciate any corrections and suggestions!


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